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Farthest North Girl Scout Council

      COVID-19 and Girl Scouting

      – UPDATED AUGUST 4, 2022 –

      As of August 4, 2022, our previous tiered system of health precautions will no longer be used. We will allow Girl Scout Troops and Service Units to use their own judgement on Covid precautions. All members should stay vigilant with regards to sanitation, staying home when feeling sick, and wearing masks if that is your comfort level. Coronavirus will be with us long-term, so we need to keep mindful of everyone’s safety while enjoying our Girl Scout experiences. Please continue to be patient with each other and apply the Girl Scout Promise and Law to all situations. If you have any questions, contact the council office at 907-456-4782.

      -Suellen Nelles, CEO, Farthest North Girl Scout Council

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      Centered in Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City of Interior Alaska, The Farthest North Girl Scout Council has a history and tradition dating from 1925, thirty-four years before Alaska became the 49th state.  To learn more about the Farthest North Girl Scout Council and its unique history in Alaska click here.