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      COVID-19 and Girl Scouting

      – UPDATED september 27, 2021 –

      A sincere and sober message to our membership,
      Covid-19 cases in our community are at an all-time high and proving very deadly. As we have heard, the highest rates in the nation. As such, we are taking measures at the Girl Scout office immediately for everyone’s safety. Starting Monday, September 27th, our office will be observing contactless transactions and a self-serve lobby, one customer at a time. The front doors will be locked and customers will be allowed in one at a time. Directions regarding these procedures and a phone number will be posted on the doors. We will be utilizing our pickup table in the lobby as much as possible and ask that our members call ahead for all shop orders, including purchase of the Basics Kit. Curbside pickup is also available and we would be happy to bring your order to your car.  Please allow time in-between customers in our lobby for sanitation. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We are available by email at membership@gsak.org or by phone at 456-4782.

      At the troop level, please consider virtual options for the near future or make sure groups do not exceed 25 indoors. Mask wearing and social distancing must be observed at all times. Refrain from snack time, no field trips and make sure sanitation is top of mind. If you need items such as hand sanitizer or clorox wipes, please use troop funds or contact our office for a supply of these items at no charge. No extra members such as siblings are allowed, only registered members. These mandates are in place for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

      We urge all of our members to stay home if feeling sick or exposed to Covid-19. This applies to visits to the Council office and Girl Scout Troop Meetings. The sooner we get this virus under control, the sooner we can return to our normal routines.

      If you have any questions about our safety policies, please call us at 907-456-4782 or the Council hotline at 907-799-1612. Thank you for your continued support and for keeping each other safe throughout the pandemic.  Let’s keep being safe this fall so we can keep Girl Scouting!

      -The Farthest North Staff

      The Council is currently in the Red Zone.
      The case count for the week of October 11th is 67.
      Green Zone: < 5 cases on average last 14 days x 58% to account for people under 40 years of age
      Yellow Zone: 5 – 10 cases on average last 14 days x 58% to account for people under 40 years of age
      Red Zone: >10 cases on average last 14 days x 58% to account for people under 40 years of age
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      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout CouncilFriday, October 15th, 2021 at 2:13pm
      Just in time for Investiture & Rededication Ceremonies, the Promise Hand Pins are back in stock and they make the perfect troop gift! Girls can wear this small pin on the front of their vest as a symbol of their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise. Call or email the Council Shop to place an order, 456-4782 or shop@gsak.org.
      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout CouncilThursday, October 14th, 2021 at 2:26pm
      🎉 It's Girl Scout Spirit Days! 💚 When you wear your uniform to school for at least 3 of your troop meetings from now until Friday, November 12th, you’ll get a free fun patch from our Council! PLUS, you’ll get entered to win a Girl Scout tote bag filled with everything you need for a family movie night: movies, popcorn, candy and a box of the new Girl Scout cookies: Adventurefuls! If you can’t wear your uniform to school because of school rules, just wear a uniform accessory! Email us at program@gsak.org when you’ve reached your goal and your name will be entered into the drawing!
      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout Council is feeling grateful.Thursday, October 14th, 2021 at 2:11pm
      Our Council office will be closed on Monday, October 18th in observance of Alaska Day. We'll reopen with our 11am-5:30pm hours on Tuesday, October 19th.
      We love living in and learning about Alaska. For example, did you know that Alaska has at least 20 different native languages? WOW! You can learn more about the languages and the indigenous peoples of Alaska at the UAF Alaska Native Language Center: https://uaf.edu/anlc/languages.php. Thank you for being so beautiful and amazing, Alaska!

      Centered in Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City of Interior Alaska, The Farthest North Girl Scout Council has a history and tradition dating from 1925, thirty-four years before Alaska became the 49th state.  To learn more about the Farthest North Girl Scout Council and its unique history in Alaska click here.