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      COVID-19 and Girl Scouting

      To our Farthest North Girl Scout members,

      The Girl Scout staff are excited for another year with all of you. Things will look a bit different this year, but know that we are here to support you and your Girl Scout troop. The Council has created a color-coded system to adjust with the threat level from the Coronavirus. Our system is very similar to that of the school districts in Alaska and is based upon case-levels in Interior Alaska. Decisions on the North Slope and Northwest Arctic Regions will be made independently, based on circumstances in those communities.

      If you are planning to visit the Girl Scout office in Fairbanks, please refer to this chart and our current threat level to see if our offices are open. When open, masks and social distancing will be required.

      If you are a troop leader, the chart for troops will give you guidance for troop meetings or special trips. Masks are required for all troop meetings this year and can only be removed if all girls are seated for an activity and at least 6 feet apart. Social distancing will be maintained at all times.

      Thank you to all of our members for following these additional requirements and we hope this guidance will allow you to have a spectacular Girl Scout year. Please contact the office if you have any questions, 907-456-4782 or 800-478-4782.

      Suellen Nelles

      For the week of October 19th,
      the Council is in the
      RED Zone

      As of October 19th, the 14 day case count average is 33.4

      Green Zone: <5 cases on average in the last 14 days
      Yellow Zone: 5-10 cases on average in the last 14 days
      Red Zone: >10 cases on average in the last 14 days
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      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout CouncilFriday, October 23rd, 2020 at 2:03pm
      There is just one more week to meet your nut & candy sales goals! The Nut & Candy Sale officially ends on October 30th! Now is the time to make that final push! Call your contacts and check in with folks to see if people are willing to donate to our Care to Share organization, the Fairbanks Food Bank to help you meet your goal! Good luck, Girl Scouts!
      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout CouncilThursday, October 22nd, 2020 at 10:16pm
      We have a new Instagram account! Give us a follow and help us show the world what real #alaskangirlscouts live like! https://www.instagram.com/fngsc907/
      Farthest North Girl Scout Council
      Farthest North Girl Scout CouncilThursday, October 22nd, 2020 at 2:32pm
      Next weekend we are welcoming ALL girls K-12 (Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts) to our Halloween Drive Thru! Halloween is the day that the Girl Scout founder, Juliette Gordon Low, was born which means it's the perfect time to party like a Girl Scout! If you're not already a Girl Scout, this is a great time to stop by, get a goodie bag and some extra information about how much fun Girl Scouting is! Tell your friends, wear your costume and stop by our Halloween Drive Thru! Help us spread the word and share this post! See you soon!

      Centered in Fairbanks, the Golden Heart City of Interior Alaska, The Farthest North Girl Scout Council has a history and tradition dating from 1925, thirty-four years before Alaska became the 49th state.  To learn more about the Farthest North Girl Scout Council and its unique history in Alaska click here.