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Girl Scouting in Rural Alaska

Rural Program PhotoServing Rural Alaska since 1945
Farthest North Girl Scout Council serves communities throughout its jurisdiction, starting at the 63rd parallel, spanning north to Barrow, east to Tok, and west to the Bering Sea. Rural Girl Scouting in Alaska began in 1945 with the establishment of a troop in Nome. By 1950, two other troops were added: one in Ft. Yukon and the other in Barrow.

We strongly support and include the many cultures of rural Alaska by combining traditional “by the book” Girl Scouting with flexible programming that meets rural Alaskan girls’ needs. Furthermore, the Council also assists leaders in rural Alaska create a meaningful experience for their girls by using the resources and expertise in their communities.

Rural Council Connection Email Updates
To subscribe to the Rural Council Connection, a weekly email update on what's going on in our Rural Program, please email fngsc2@alaska.com.

More information about Girl Scouting in Rural Alaska:

Rural Program Photo

Become a Volunteer!
To become a Troop Leader or Assistant Leader please contact the Farthest North Girl Scout Council at 1-800-478-4782 or click here to contact a membership staff person designated to your community. Also, be sure to check out our volunteer resources page to quickly see online how you get involved in Girl Scouting!

Rural Program Photo

Current Rural Leaders

Resources for our Rural Girl Scout Leaders

Becoming a Girl Scout Leader can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience!  It can also be very overwhelming!  The Farthest North Girl Scout Council offers rural Girl Scout Leaders a variety of resources to help them and their troops succeed. 

Depending on our travel schedule, the Rural Department generally offers many different types of training to each of our communities at certain times of the year.  These trainings may also take place over the phone or online throughout the year at the request of the Troop Leader, Assistant Leader, or Adult Volunteer.  Please contact the Council or check our calendar for information about our training schedule in specific communities.

Resources Available for Checkout
The Rural Department has a variety of materials available for checkout, such as camping equipment, flags and stands, and books.  For information about equipment availability and the checkout process, please contact the Council.

Materials for First Year Leaders
Our Council has materials specifically for first year rural Leaders, including an updated and revised Basic Leader Manual and a first-year curriculum for Brownies, Juniors, and Cadette/Seniors. For copies of these materials, please contact the Council.

Important Girl Scout forms can be found here.

Dog Mushing Badge Photo

Rural Badges

We also strongly support and include the many cultures of rural Alaska. Our Council has several badges that are unique to Alaska, including:

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