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Go ‘NUTS’ for Fall Product! Order taking begins September 29th.

Allow your Girl Scouts to ‘Shine’ in our Fall Nut Sale. By participating in this sale your troop has the opportunity to earn troop ‘start up funds’, all while learning and developing their 5 basic skill set. Our NEW product line offers numerous items for the ultimate snacker’s delight. Our products include; chocolates, nuts, and even more goodies can be found online and shipped directly to friends and family across the globe!

Don’t forget to RSVP to attend the Go Nuts Fall Product Rally on Friday Sept. 26th 6-7pm at the Council BP room! Sample the product, drool over the girl recognitions and play exciting games. (Free to all girls.)

To participate in the sale and sign up for training, please RSVP to Kassandra at 456-4782, fngsc5@alaska.com.

Trainings will be held at each of September’s Service Unit Meetings (09/04-Aurora, 09/08-FGMN and 09/09 GNS). A make-up training is scheduled for Saturday 09/13 930-11am. RSVP is required will be canceled 24 hours prior, if sign up is less than 3 leaders.

Alaska Girl Scouts
cookie program

2014 Cookie Program
Thanks to the our wonderful girls, volunteers and community supporters for another very successful cookie season. See you next spring!


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Camp Jesse Bloom
We had another terrific year at Camp Jessie Bloom with a record 115 campers! Thanks to everyone who made it a wonderful experience for the girls. See you next year!
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Rural Program
Farthest North Girl Scout Council serves every community within its jurisdiction, which covers all of northern Alaska, starting at the 63rd parallel and continuing north to Barrow, east to Tok and west to the Bering Sea. Want to start a troop in rural Alaska, or are a rural community leader interested in our innovative programs? Learn more about our rural program.

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